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Globe Valve Manufacturers in India/ Prominent Globe Valve Manufacturers in India

DAVS Gemini Valves Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed and well-known globe valves manufacturers in India throughout the markets in the world. So we are also popular as Globe Valve Manufacturers in India. We are supplier of globe valves to various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, oil and gas, mining, turbine systems etc. We provide globe valve with having better shut-off capability, reasonable prices with best quality. We delivered all types of globe valves such as tee, wye and angle patterns on short time period. As we are well-known for Globe Valve Manufacturers in India, we provide globe valves with premium quality at international standards. We assure you to provide globe valves as per customer’s requirements and their needs. Customer’s satisfaction is the first priority of our company

A Globe valve is a valve with having spherical shaped body used to start, stop, regulate and control the flow of liquids, gases /high pressure steam, or slurries through pipeline. A Globe valve is also called as a linear motion valve, as it regulates flow in ON/OFF and throttling service.

A Globe Valve made up with?

A Globe Valve with spherical body is made with materials such as cast iron, bronze, stainless steel or cobalt based alloy. A globe valve consists of main parts – 1) A Body 2) A Movable plug/disc 3) A Bonnet 4) A Steam 5) A Handle (hand-wheel).

A Body  – A globe valve body is the base of the valve. It has two ports, one for entering fluid while other for exiting fluid. It means that fluid can pass through body of globe valve and control or regulate by movable plug or disc.

A Bonnet – A bonnet is connected to upper side of the globe valve body. It contains packing which helps to retain seal between the bonnet and the steam, so it prevents leakage.

A Movable Plug/Disc – A Movable plug/disc is attached to steam and it performed as up and down functions to regulate fluid passed through body.

A Steam – A steam is positioned inside the bonnet and connected to body and handle.

A Handle -A handle or hand-wheel is connected to steam outside the valve. It operates manually. A steam has rotated as handle turned or rotated, so it h as handle turned or rotated, so it helps to lower or raise the disc.

How Does Globe Valve Work?

A Fluid Flow Starts – When we rotate handle/hand-wheel in anticlockwise/clockwise direction, a movable disc/plug attached to the valve steam is raised at upper side and it enables flow passed through the body at maximum rate.

A Fluid Flow Stops - When we rotate handle/hand-wheel in clockwise/anticlockwise direction, a movable disc/plug attached to the valve steam is fully lowered and the fluid flow passed through the body has stopped or shut off.

A Globe Valves are available with different types or patterns mentioned below:

1) Tee/T Type Globe Valve
2) Angle Type Globe Valve
3) Wye Type Globe Valve

In Tee or T type Globe Valve , a valve seat is in horizontal form and disc attached to valve steam is perpendicular to body through which fluid flow occurs. As this construction of valve looks like T- shaped, it is named as Tee or T Type Globe Valve. Tee/ T Type Globe Valve are used for throttling services.

In Angle Type Globe Valve , both ports – one for entering flow and another for exiting flow are in 90 degree to each other at the end of the globe valve. So flow occurs in 90 degree turn. As it is designed with 90 degree angle, it is called as Angle Type Globe Valve. It requires fewer amounts of pipes and joints. It used for applications of pulsating flow.

In Wye Type Globe Valve , a valve steam is placed at 45 degree or acute angled to valve seat which allows straight flow path when valve is fully opened. This wye type globe valve is also known as oblique pattern or Y Type pattern. Wye Type Globe Valve is used for throttling services.

We manufactured and supplied Globe valve with different technical parameters, features throughout the markets in India, Dubai and Hyderabad. Therefore we are widely accepted as Globe Valve Manufacturers in India in worldwide industrial applications. Some technical parameters, features and applications of Globe valve are mentioned below

  • Available Material –
       Carbon Steel - SA216, WCB, SA217, WC6, SA217WC9,
       Stainless Steel SA351CF8. SA351CF8M
  • Available Sizes -15 nb to 200 nb,
  • Pressure Rating - #150 to #300
  • Nominal Pressure - PN10 - PN100
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy to repair and clean
  • Better shut off capability
  • Open/Close Operation
  • Quick Operation
  • Availability with different patterns or types
  • Safety and less leakage
  • Linear Motion Valve
  • Simplicity in design

Turbine oil, water treatment, fuel and gases, high pressure steam, chemicals, pharmaceutical etc