Globe Control Valves

Globe Control Valve Manufacturers in India

Globe Control Valve Manufacturers in India/ Best Globe Control Valve Manufacturers in India

We Davsgemini Valves Pvt. ltd. are a leading Globe control valve manufacturers in India. With the quality features and specifications, globe control valves are manufactured by our highly skilled professional team and providing these valves to many industries with the highest quality.

To fulfil the customer’s requirements, we design and fabricate control valves with different specifications as per customer’s requirements.

We are widely accepted as a Globe control manufacturers in India the markets, due to following reasons:

  • We follow the business ethics and maintain good relationship with our valued client.
  • There is huge demand for our globe control valves in the markets due to its quality and features.
  • We supply a wide range of valves with the best prices on time period.

A Globe control valve is a valve with having a spherical shaped body used to start, stop, regulate and control the flow of liquids, gases /high pressure steam, or slurries through pipe. A Globe control valve is also called as a linear motion valve, as it regulates the flow in ON/OFF and throttling service.

When we rotate handle/hand wheel in anticlockwise/clockwise direction, a movable disc/plug attached to the valve steam is raised on upper side and it enables flow passed through the body at maximum rate and flow will start and the flow will stop when the valve is fully lowered.