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Check Valve Manufacturers in India

Check Valve Manufacturers in India/ Leading Check Valve Manufacturers in India

We Davsgemini valves Pvt.Ltd. is the leading check valves manufacturers India, We are supplying the best quality check valves manufacturers in India with the best prices to various industries in all over India.

With the latest and innovative technology, our highly skilled professional teams design and fabricate check valves to meet international standards. There is huge demand for our check valves in the markets due to its quality features like durable, flexible, and light in weight, reliable and compactness. We manufacture the check valves in different sizes, dimensions and specifications as per customer’s requirements.

A check valve is also called as a Non-return valve or one way valve, as it has two ports-one for entering the flow and other is for the exiting the flow. It prevents backflow.

Check valves are widely used for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. Our check valves will find a variety of reputed industries like petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, Oil & gas. Check valves are also commonly used in many commercial and residential complexes like hostels, apartments, schools, hospitals, colleges or shopping malls.

There are different types of check valve such as 1) Wafer type Valve 2) Single Check valve, 3) Stop check valve 4) Cone check valve 5) disk check valve 6) swing check valve 7) Ball check valve

A Wafer type check valve is designed with metal seat used to prevent return flow through pipe. It has very less pressure drop.

A Single Type check is a sandwich typed valve allows easy installation and less maintenance.

Available Material:-

  • Metal – PTFE/EPDM
  • Cast iron, Stainless Steel

Available Size:-

  • Upto DN 100
  • Wafer type - 1/2'’ – 12”
  • Screwed End – ½” – 4”

Pressure Rating – PN 40

Temperature:- 300 degree

  • Compact Design
  • Lightness
  • Easy installments
  • Less leakage/leak proof valve
  • Sandwich Typed
  • Quick Operation
  • Low costs

HAVC, industrial applications, fluid, fuel, water treatment, sanitary, oil etc.