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Control Valve Manufacturers in India/ Top Control Valve Manufacturers in India

Davsgemini valves Pvt.Ltd. is a leading control valve manufacturers and also well-known for control valve manufacturers in India . We supplied control valves/Globe control valves to worldwide industries such as power plant, automations, mining industry, food industry, refineries, nuclear processes, pipelines etc. We provided control Valves/globe control valves with high performance, best quality with reasonable prices, reliability, services and short time delivery. As we are known as Control Valve Manufacturers in India, we provide valves with premium quality at international standards. We are guaranteed to supply control valves to our customers with their needs, and requirements. Our main goals are customer’s satisfaction, best quality with best services and safety.

A control valve or a globe control valve is mounted with actuator to regulate and control the fluid flow with changing size of flow passage. A control valve/globe valve is mounted with different actuators such as electrical actuator, hydraulic actuator or pneumatic actuator. An electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators are used to open or close control valve automatically.

There are four main parts of control valve/globe control valve: 1) A Body 2) An Actuator 3) A Trim 4) A Bonnet. An actuator steam, seat, yoke, plug, packing box, cage are the others parts of control valves.

A Body – It consists of element such as plug, ball, butterfly, or globe. The flow has passed through these elements.

An Actuator – An electrical actuator and a pneumatic actuator are commonly used for steam movement of modulating elements such as ball, globe, butterfly etc.

When controller receives signal, control valve is used to vary size of the flow passage and control the flow rate. It also helps to control temperature, liquid/flow level and pressure. An electrical actuator consists of extra cabling and switch gear and it generates motor shaft rotation and converted into linear motion, so it enables steam movement. A hydraulic actuator needs high pressure supply.

There are different types of control valve with using main two methods:-

1) Rotary Motion:-

  • Ball Valve: A ball valve is a quarter turn type valve as its actuator can rotates at 90 degree, so it is a type of rotary motion. A ball valve can be fully opened or full closed.
  • Butterfly Valve: A butterfly valve is also quarter-turn type valve and type of rotary motion. It is used to control fluid and it can be full/partially opened or full/partially closed.
  • Plug valve

2) Linear Motion:-

  • Globe valve (Single seated/ double seated globe valve) :- Globe valves are available in multiple ports with having accurate flow control. Globe valves are used to regulate flow of slurries, gases.
  • Diaphragm valve :-
  • Pinch valve: Pinch Valves are used to regulate flow of liquids, slurries and large amount of solids. Pinch valve is used in start/stop applications.

We manufactured and supplied Control valve with different features throughout the markets in India, Pune, Maharashtra, Dubai and Hyderabad. Some features and applications of Control valves are mentioned below:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Less leakage
  • Quick Response
  • High performance

Industries such as power plant, oil & gas, nuclear processes, chemicals, automation, pharmaceuticals etc