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Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in India

Best Butterfly Valve Manufacturers in India

Davsgemini Valves Pvt. Ltd. from Pune is a leading butterfly valve manufacturers in India. We are supplier of butterfly valves to worldwide industries such as oil/gas, mining industry, chemical and pharmaceutical etc. We manufactured both DAVS Gemini Centric Design Butterfly valves and DAVS Gemini PTFE Butterfly Valves with ANSI, API, DIN, BS standards and with sizes of 2” to 16”, pressure rate of PN 10 to PN 16.We manufactured Davs Gemini PTFE butterfly valves throughout markets in India. We provided Butterfly Valves with high quality, affordable, reliability, services and short time delivery. As we are butterfly valves manufacturers in India, we provide valves with high quality at international standards. We are guaranteed to supply butterfly valves to our customers with their needs, and requirements. Our main goals are customer’s satisfaction, best quality with best services and safety.

Butterfly valves are used to regulate and control the flow of liquids and gases such as petrol, diesel, chilled water, air, chemicals etc. through medium like pipes, tubes etc. Some butterfly valves are also used to regulate solid fluid through medium. It has simple and easy open/close movement. Butterfly Valve is also named as quarter turn valve, as its disc rotates at 90 degree to rod. We designed butterfly valves with light weight, reliable functionality, less costs and also with large sizes.

Butterfly Valves are designed with major parts – 1) Body 2) Handle (Hand-Wheel) or Actuator 3) Steam 4) Resilient Seat 5) Butterfly disc and 6) End packaging.

We butterfly valves manufacturers in India, using body material of CS, CI, SGI, CF8, CF8M etc. These butterfly valves are made with cast iron, stainless steel, bronze or carbon steel. The body of butterfly valve is in circular form sealed by O-Ring. The body is fixed with butterfly disc by using bolt thread and pins. The butterfly disc made by metal is mounted at the centre of pipe or rod which is connected to steam. The steam is also joined to actuator or handles (hand-wheel) which is placed at outside of the valves.

When we rotate actuator or hand-wheel, it helps to turn the disc of butterfly valve in parallel or perpendicular position to flow (pipe/tubes).So it allows to regulate the flow of liquids, gases or solids through medium like pipes, tubes etc. Butterfly Valve Opened – When the metal disc is a perpendicular to centre of pipe/tube.

Butterfly Valve Closed –When the metal disc is parallel or quarter turn to the centre of the pipe/tubes.

There are many types of butterfly valves with using two methods such as 1) Disc Closure Design and 2) Piping Connection Design

  1. Disc Closure Design :-
    • Concentric Butterfly Valve: Zero Offset Butterfly Valve with having resilient rubber seat.
    • Eccentric Butterfly Valve: Single offset butterfly valve, Double offset butterfly valve, and Triple offset butterfly valve. It is also named as High Performance butterfly Valve.
  2. Piping Connection Design:-
    • Wafer-style Butterfly Valve: Wafer-style Butterfly valve is designed for sealing against bi-directional differential pressure which helps to prevent backward flow and provide universal flow.
    • Lug-style Butterfly Valve: Lug-style Butterfly Valve is used for lower pressure rating.
    • Double Flange-style Butterfly Valve