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Ball Valve Manufacturers in India/ Leading Ball Valve Manufacturers in India

Davsgemini valves Pvt.Ltd. is a leading ball valves manufacturers in India also popular as Ball Valve Manufacturers in India . We supplied ball valves to various industries such as water treatment, oil and gas, constructions, mining, chemical, automations etc. We provide ball valves having properties like durability, flexibility, light in weight. We take care of client’s requirements, so we designed ball valve as per client’s need and helps to fulfill the client’s satisfactions. We are guaranteed to supply ball valve with reasonable in price, high quality product and short time delivery. As we are well-known as Ball Valve Manufacturers in India , we designed ball valve with premium quality at international standards.

The ball valve is used to regulate and control the flow of liquids (water, petrol, diesel etc.) or gases (air, chemicals etc.) through medium such as pipes/tubes by rotating ball with hallow shaped. It has hole (bore) which helps to control flow through medium. The ball valve is also type of quarter-turn valve as it rotates at 90 degree by valve handle. The ball valve is also named as shut off valve as it is based on ON/OFF positions.

Ball valve consist of few parts – 1) A Body 2) A Port 3) A actuator or handle 4) Seat ring 5) A Steam 6) A Ball (Spherical plug) 7) Packing

Ball valve body is made with materials used Metal, Cast iron, Stainless steel, Titanium, Bronze or plastic. It consists of ball with having hole through which flow can occurs. The ball is placed in the middle of valve and connected to steam where steam is connected to actuator or handle. The ball consists of the port (hole) is rotate in parallel or perpendicular to valve steam as the actuator or handle has rotated and flow can start or stops through pipes/tubes. The body and the ball is sealed by seat ring. Packing is used to prevent leakage through valve.

The Ball Valve Opened – When the actuator or handle is rotated, the ball consists of hole is turned in line or parallel with medium (pipe) axis, so flow can starts.

The Ball Valve Closed - When the actuator or handle is rotated, the ball consists of hole is turned in perpendicular (at 90 degree) to the medium (pipe) axis, so flow can stops.

There are main 4 types of ball valves are: 1) Full Port 2) Reduced bore 3) V-port or characterized type 4) Cage type or cavity filter.

Full Port/Full Bore: It contains big sized ball in such way that hole of this ball is the same size as medium (pipeline), so it free to flow.

Reduced Bore: The pipe size of flow through valve is less than valve’s pipe size, so it requires less flow area than pipe.

V-PORT/CHARACTERIZED TYPE: As the ball valve contains V-shaped ball/seat, it is known as V-port type ball valve. It is also called as characterized type ball valve. It occur linear and even flow through pipe.

CAGE TYPE/CAVITY FILTER: In this type of ball valve, seat has extended in such a way seat can come in contact with the ball and it allows avoiding flow in cavity. Therefore it is called as cavity filter type.