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Gate Valve Manufacturers in India

Gate Valve Manufacturers in India|Gate Valve in India

We are Globe Valves Manufacturers in India. DAVS Gemini Valves Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturers of Globe Valve in India.We are leading Globe Valve Manufacturers in India, Get best Globe Valve in India with an affordable prices. As we are Globe Valve Manufacturers in India, we provide Globe valves in India with high quality at international standards

Globe valve Manufaturers in India|Globe valves in India

DAVS Gemini Valves Pvt. Ltd. is a leading gate valves manufacturers in India throughout the markets in the world. So we are also well-known for gate valve manufacturers in India. We supplied and exported gate valves to various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment, oil and gas, mining, turbine systems etc. We provided gate valve with reasonable prices, best quality on short time delivery. As we are popular as gate valve manufacturers in India, we provide gate valves with premium quality at international standards. We assure you to provide gate valves as per customer’s requirements and their needs. Customer’s satisfaction is the first priority of our company.

A gate valve manufactures in India is a linear motion valve used to start or stop the flow of liquids or gases passed through the pipe. A Gate Valve can be fully opened or fully closed valve. A gate valve is available in wedge or parallel shaped. It can be operated at high pressure systems. A gate valve cannot be used to regulate or control the flow as it performed fully opened/closed functions.

How does Gate Valve Design?

A Gate Valve is designed with materials are used cast iron, stainless steel or alloy steel.
It consists of main parts – 1) A Body 2) A Valve Stem 3) A Valve Seat 4) An Actuator (Hand-wheel) 5) A Bonnet 6) A Gate.

A Body of valve is made by cast iron or stainless steel consisting of fluid flow.

A Valve stem is connected to actuator or hand-wheel and gate. It rotated, as actuator or hand-wheel rotated and helps to perform up-down operation with gate. For this up-down operation, rising and non-rising valve stems are used.

A Valve Seatis tightly sealed with body or bonnet. So it enables leak proof operation.

An Actuator is connected to valve steam outside the valve. An actuator can be hand-wheel or electrical actuator which helps to valve steam movement. It can be operated as manually, pneumatically or electrically.

A Bonnet is designed with simplicity and durability. It consists of different types such as screw in bonnet, bolted bonnet, welded bonnet or pressure seal bonnet. A bolted bonnet is commonly used for gate valves as it is beneficial for high pressure applications.

A Gate is performed to start or stop the flow. A Gate can be wedge shaped or parallel shaped. Parallel shaped gate is used at high temperature applications while wedge shaped gate is used for high pressure applications and maintain for a long period.

How Does Gate Valve work?

A Valve is fully opened – When we turn or rotate hand-wheel in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, a valve stem is also rotated and it helps to raised gate which is attached to stem. As gate is uplifted, valve gets completely opened and flow starts.

A Valve is fully opened - When we turn or rotate hand-wheel in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, a valve stem is also rotated and it helps to down the gate which is attached to stem. As gate is fully lowered, valve gets completely closed and flow stops.

Gate Valves are available with different types with having different wedges:

1) Solid Wedge
2) Flexible Wedge
3) Split Wedge

A Solid Wedge gate valve is made with simple design and high strength. A solid wedge gate is used for all types of fluid. When solid wedge gate valve is used for high-temperature systems, it performed as thermal locking. A solid wedge gate valve is applicable for medium and low pressure/temperature.

A Flexible Wedge gate valve is a solid-disc with having cut at perimeter. A flexible wedge gate is made with two types of cuts are – 1) a shallow and narrow cut – It has less flexibility with high strength 2) A deep and wide cut- It has more flexibility but less strength.

A Split Wedge gate valve is disk gate valve type with having two solid pieces are attached to each other. A split disc gate valve is available in both wedges shaped and parallel shaped.

Some technical parameters, features and applications of Gate valve are mentioned below

  • Available size -50nb to 600nb,
  • Material of Construction - CI, WCB , CS , SS304 , CF8M
  • Operation - Hand wheel operated as well as Pneumatically Operated
  • Low Maintenance
  • Low pressure drop
  • Applicable for high pressure and temperature applications
  • Full Open/Close operation
  • Simple in design
  • Leak proof body and seal
  • Durability
  • Low costs
  • Bi-directional Shut Off Valve

Water treatment, turbo oil, hydrocarbons, feed water, slurries, plastics etc