Jacketed Ball Valves

Jacketed Ball Valves

Jacketed Ball Valve Manufacturers in India/Dubai/Hyderabad

DAVS Gemini Valves Pvt. Ltd. is also well- known for Jacketed Ball Valve Manufacturers in India/Dubai/Hyderabad. We manufactured Jacketed and Tongue-Groove Ball Valve with compact design having simplicity, high performance, less lubrication, long-lasting services as per customer’s requirements. We provide jacketed, tongue and groove ball valve with best quality at international standards, so we are popular as Jacketed Ball Valve Manufacturers in India/Dubai/Hyderabad and Tongue & Grooved Ball Valve Manufacturers in Pune, Maharashtra. We designed jacketed ball valve with materials are used carbon steel, stainless steel or alloy, aluminum, bronze etc. We supplied jacketed ball valves in wide range to worldwide industries such as food processing, rubber processing, polymer, mining, cement, chemical, piping etc.

A Jacketed Ball Valve is made with different materials used for seat, ball and seal are PTFE carbon, stainless steel etc performed as leak proof ball valve. Jacketed Ball Valve is operated by manually or pneumatic and electrical actuator. Jacketed Ball Valves are available in different types such as Full Jacketed Ball Valve, Half Jacketed Ball Valve and 2 or 3 way jacketed ball valve.

Tongue & Groove Ball Valves are made with materials used cast iron, alloy, ductile iron etc. A Tongue & Groove Ball valve consist of ball valve with groove ends is operated by gear or handle.

We manufactured and supplied ball valve with different technical parameters, features throughout the markets in India, Dubai and Hyderabad, Pune, Maharashtra. Some technical parameters, features and applications of ball valve are mentioned below:

  • Pressure:upto 100 Mpa/15000 psi
  • Temperature : 400 degree Celsius
  • Available Sizes : 0.2 to 48 inches
  • Metal seat - ANSI CL IV
  • Soft seat – VI
  • Full Port
  • Easy ON/OFF operations
  • Low Maintenance
  • Durability
  • Compact size/design
  • High Performance
  • Safety
  • Fewer pressure drop
  • Easy to repair
  • Light weight
  • Low seat leakage
  • Availability in different sizes
  • Widely accepted in industries

sanitaryvalves, pipe fittings, plumbing, liquid alarm sensors, filters, gas processing, fire treatment, fuel gas systems, viscous materials, heavy oiletc.