Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves Manufacturers in India

Davsgemini Valves Pvt. Ltd is the leading Butterfly valves manufacturers in India. Butterfly valves used for flow shut off or regulation functions in the sectors including water, gas, oil, fuel and cement supply treatment distribution, sewage and irrigations. We are reliable and superior quality butterfly valves manufacturers. We are one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of butterfly valves. We offer wide range of butterfly valves in a variety of models as per higher standards. Our butterfly valves are cost-effective, superior quality, long-lasting and low maintenance.

Types of Operating Butterfly Valves:

Manual Hand Gear box operated

Valves up to size 24” can be direct mounted with gear operators for manual operation. Gear operators can also be attached with chain wheel operators for opening or closing valves located on pipelines at high elevation.

Manual Hand Lever operated

Valves up to size 8" can be supplied with lever handles for manual operation. Optional accessories for hand-lever operation can be provided for various flow control requirements. Pad locking can also be provided for preventing unauthorized operation in a butterfly valve.

Pneumatic Actuator Operated

All Valves can be direct mounted with pneumatic actuators or electric actuators and accessories for complete automation options such as fail open/close & petitioner controlled. Valves can be mounted with manual overrides in butterfly valves.